Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil

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Olive Oil

This Olive Oil Can Help With...

  • Muscle & Joints

    Fantastic joint &
    muscle support*

  • Digestion

    Experience easy,
    consistent digestion*

  • Weight Management

    Maintain a
    slim waistline*

  • Polyphenols

    Up to 30x more

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.

Trusted By Our Customers

Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil

I am a big fan of olive oil. Over the years I have graduated from cheap Bertolli olive oil to other brands of either Italian or Spanish olive oil that are sold at Whole Foods. Before I found Gundry’s polyphenol-rich olive oil, I was using an expensive oil from Italy that cost about $30 per bottle. When I first tried Gundry’s olive oil, I could taste the difference immediately because it had more “bite” to it. It also appeared to be greener in color than the other olive oils. Based on all the research, I know that it is doing good things for my health.*

George C.

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.

Heart Surgeon Says: “The whole purpose of food is to get olive oil into your mouth.”

The Real Reason Behind “Aging” — And The Olive Oil That Helps Fight Back

If you feel sluggish digestion, low energy or fatigue, aches in your joints or soreness in your muscles, the problem may be lectins. These pesky proteins are in many foods we’ve been told are “healthy” — such as tomatoes, beans, wheat, and potatoes. In reality, lectins can scrape and rip microscopic holes in your digestive tract, which can lead to bloating, joint issues, weight gain, unhealthy cravings, and signs of aging.

Dressing salad with Gundry MD Olive Oil

Supernutrient That Helps Fight Back

But there’s one type of supernutrient that can help FIGHT this — they’re called polyphenols. Polyphenols can help support a healthy weight, ease troubled digestion, support a clear mind, youthful-looking skin, and help boost your energy...

And one of the most powerful polyphenols on earth is called hydroxytyrosol — otherwise known as “The Fat Fighter!” This amazing polyphenol is one of the only nutrients that can cross the blood-brain barrier — which means it gets absorbed quickly, and works to help:

  • Your body protect itself against free-radicals that can cause visible aging and other issues1
  • Support a sharp, focused brain right now...2, 3
  • Help your brain continue working at peak performance for years to come4

And it also distributes the benefits throughout your entire body — from your brain, to your muscles, liver, heart, kidney, and lungs.5 And because this nutrient is delivered in a “fat” like olive oil — it means it ALSO helps fill you up faster.

Plus, studies show eating diets that include fat can actually help you lose more weight... and KEEP it off after you do.6, 7

Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil

What makes Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil so special, is that it’s loaded with up to 30x the hydroxytyrosol polyphenol content compared to conventional olive oils. Research shows this fatty “super polyphenol” can help:

  • Keep you powered up and energized*8
  • Support a healthy heart and blood vessels*9
  • Support blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol already within a normal range*10
  • Help soothe worn-down joints and overworked muscles*11
  • Keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated*12, 13

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
Gundry MD Olive Oil zoom in

How Does Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil Have So Many Polyphenols?

Because these olives come from trees which live in HARSH desert conditions. There’s barely any rain, it’s really hot, and the soil has hardly any nutrients — and the conditions are so brutal, the olive trees “think” they’re DYING.

It sounds bad. But this is actually the BEST thing that could happen to the trees! Because they buck up and go into “Survival Mode.” These trees produce MASSIVE amounts of polyphenols — INCLUDING hydroxytyrosol — to literally save their lives.

These polyphenols protect the trees from their harsh environment, allowing them to flourish DESPITE the dire growing conditions — and all the extra polyphenols they generate to survive the scorching hot desert, get first cold pressed into this beautifully rich olive oil.

This gives Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil an amazing, peppery green taste with a little bite to it. That’s how you know you’re getting good, strong olive oil. It’s perfect for drizzling over salads, entrees like chicken, meat, or fish — or even taking a shot a day!

In fact, adding Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil to your daily diet is an easy way to help you to enjoy:

  • Great blood flow to support healthy arteries*14
  • Laser focus and crystal-clear concentration*15
  • Comfortable joints and rejuvenated muscles*16
  • Softer, hydrated skin*17
  • A well-supported immune system*18
  • Weight management support*19

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.

Experience The Benefits of Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil — With Up To 30x The Fat-Fighter Polyphenol


What Our Customers Have to Say

Really ??? Olive oil?

I’ve been taking it only a couple of weeks but I have noticed a difference in my digestion, more regular bowels, smoother not-so-dry skin and my joints are better in that short time.. Another surprise is that I have lost some weight without trying.. I feel better and am amazed that it is helping various things, not just one thing. I will keep taking it.*

Beth D

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
Gets you moving

I find this product to make me more regular and even believe that I’ve lost some weight in my mid section.
I gave some to a person I know who was struggling for a few days to have a ” movement” and they thanked me because they hadn’t felt such a relief in a long time.
Thanks Dr. Gundry*


*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
No buyer's remorse

With so many articles in the news regarding “fake” olive oil, it is great to purchase an olive oil I can trust. I started out adding it to my smoothies. Now, I am also using it as a hair oil. My hair was very dry and this oil has been a blessing. My hair is softening. I am also seeing a reduction in back fat. All of this and I am just half-way through my first bottle. I do not regret this purchase.*


*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
Outstanding olive oil

I like it so much, I drink it by the 30 cc shot to make sure I get all it’s benefit, and it tastes like heaven. My skin and hair is glossy, I never get chapped lips anymore. I’m not as hungry, That’s more than I’ve ever gotten anything beneficial from regular olive oil at all. Even though as Louisianas, we could with EVOO at most meals. After buying my first 3 pack, I ordered 2 more because we enjoy it so much, both for obvious health benefits and for its TASTE!*

Knoel B

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
The fountain of youth !!!!

I enjoy this healthy boost of special EVOO in my herbal tea in the morning along with the fruity flavors of the Vital Reds! It tastes great! I have finally brought down my weight plateau and I don’t get hunger pangs until much later when I have a light healthy snack. I have finally lost weight in a healthy way! […] I feel amazing too! I was carded the other day and I am of social security age!!! Seeing is believing. Dr. Gundry is an older gentleman. He and his wife look amazing! It was worth a try!*


*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
An Excellent Condiment!

We have used Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a condiment on our salads and other foods for years. We asked ourselves if there could be much difference between the Oils we used and your Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Morocco. I know from farming that the same fruit or vegetable, from the same variety of seed, may have a completely different taste and texture when planted in different soils and / or climates. Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil is indeed extraordinary and excellent! It has a really rich flavour and is an excellent condiment in our salads and in the other foods we eat for dinner, even Asian food.
Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for whatever we eat, Asian or Western. As you say, it is peppery, but it is not pungent; When you combine the wonderful flavour of this Oil with the additional polyphenols it contains, you can understand why this is now the only Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use for our salads and other foods.*

Paul & Helen Sussmann

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
You can even smell the difference

From the moment you open the bottle you can immediately tell the high quality. A little goes a long way. Great product!*

Paul Mazza

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
On Par Excellence!

Dr.Gundry’s special blended Olive Oil is fantastic! It is on par with all of his other products! If you have never tried this product- it is well worth the price- especially in regard to taste, how you feel, and how well it goes on salads! Wonderful!*

Rebecca Fielder

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
Bottled Deliciousness

This polyphenol-rich olive oil offers everything you look for in a high quality olive oil. It is cold-pressed and truly extra virgin with the production and expiration date clearly stated on the bottle. You can enjoy its delicious, peppery taste in your favorite dressings, drizzled on vegetables, or taken medicinally, as I do. The olive oil pearls are also delightful, tasty and packed with many health benefits.*


*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.

I’ve always purchased extra virgin olive oil from Sam’s Club, and thoroughly enjoyed it. After ordering 3 bottles of Gundry MD olive oil, the first thing that I did was compare the taste. First I tasted one drop of Sam’s club extra virgin olive oil and then one drop of Gundrys olive oil and there was literally an instant explosion of flavor. The taste alone was incomparable, and add to that the health benefits, I was sold.*

John G.

*Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil Quality-Checked?*
    Absolutely. Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil is sourced, cultivated, and extracted according to industry standards. It contains no artificial ingredients and is tested for quality at an independent, 3rd-party facility. You can feel incredible, too.
    *Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
  • What Makes Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil Better Than Regular Olive Oil?*
    Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil comes from the harsh desert environment of Morocco. This arid climate helps grow some of the strongest olive trees on the planet. You see, the limited supply of resources force the olive trees to go into “survival mode.” They produce extra polyphenols to protect themselves… which means with Gundry MD Polyphenol-Rich Olive Oil, you can enjoy up to 30x more antioxidant power, and it tastes amazing.
    *Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.
  • What If I Don’t Like It? Is There A Guarantee?
    Of course. Even though most people can benefit from the power of polyphenols, I understand individuals react differently to the very same compounds. So, if you’re unsatisfied with this product for any reason whatsoever after a full 90-days of use — simply return your empty bottles and I’ll return your purchase price. Guaranteed.
    *Every individual is unique; your results can and will vary.

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